BNI Vision (Southgate)

BNI Vision (Southgate)

I received a very special welcome at what was to be my last BNI meeting. Norma Morris has been a rock on which the whole journey was based and it was a pleasure to meet her and her colleagues. Vision BNI (Southgate) had really pulled out all the stops and most of the members were wearing club shirts to mark my visit. Moreover, they also presented me with a signed shirt from their local Barnet club. HUGE thanks to all…… but especially Norma. The chapter meets on Friday mornings at Enfield Golf Club and whilst I can’t guarantee that they will wear football kit, I can guarantee that they will give you a very warm welcome.

Some of the members you will meet include:

Pat Cooper
 an independent Herbalife distributor.
Michael Cuschieri It was Michael’s efforts that got the Barnet shirt (below) Thanks. He offers the “root solution to marketing communication”.
Michael Coe for lofts, extensions, refurbishments and general building work
George Zenonos
who offers book-keeping and management accountant services.
Paul Moston the chapter chartered accountant.
Graham Pyle with TheBestOf
 John O’Connor for all things to do with aerials.
Yemi Awolola a locksmith with a superb name for his website.
Graham Martin
– a recruitment specialist. 
Ken Groves Xenith Document Systems, a Xerox Premier Partner.
Andreas Eliadess
 Fine Catering …… gave a superb presentation!
Sujan Shah another man who really “gets” BNI. Check what he does. Can he help you?

Imtiyaz Bhatty
 – if it’s got a plug, he’s your man.

Jonathan Mann
for all things IT related.
Steve Smith
 Flooring specialist who says, “We make no excuse for getting under your feet”.
Bradley Bishop
 for website solutions.
Alex Thompson
 architect, engineer and surveyor.
 John Crisford
 – a health insurance adviser.
Nick Yiannoullou
  is your man for tool hire sales and repair BUT he is also involved with two refugee projects
Lobby for Cyprus

 …and last but by no means least the women herself
Norma Morris who is a partner in a major firm of solicitors with offices throughout the south east.

Thanks to all.


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