BNI Edwin, Carlisle

BNI Edwin treated me regally on my visit to them. Little did they (or I) know that they were to be the last port of call before the accident. Don”t worry guys I am not blaming you!

They produced not one but five contacts at Carlisle United and one of the members even got on the phone to the CUFC commercial director to confirm an appointment. Quality networking.

Some of the members I met included:

David Crossley the GM of the Crown and Mitre kindly organised a room at the hotel the night before the meeting and it was a true pleasure to stay in such an elegant and unique hotel.

Geoff Thomlinson is a man after my own heart. A HUGE soccer fan whilst he is not working as a professional joiner. He gave me several good contacts at the football club. Thanks, Geoff.
Alistair Richards from Lock Fuller was the acting chapter director. He did a good job as he will do if you turn to him as an IFA

Nicky Hillmade contact with Nigel at Carlisle United and as such deserves a special mention. I will also mention that he is the Relationship Manager at Carlisle Royal bank of Scotland. A huge football fan and very approachable. Not the old style bank manager!
Allison Timmins is THE contact for most everything in the Cumbria area. A one-stop directory of the movers and shakers.

Chris Weir is from my industry – telecoms

Last but by no means least there was Steve Hastings
who is a store owner at

Thanks to you all for making my welcome so special.

They meet every Friday at 7.00 am at the prestigious Crown and Mitre Hotel in the City Centre where each meeting finishes promptly at 8.30am giving all of the members plenty of time to get into the office or on the road.


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