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This is where YOU come in!

I have not ridden a bike in nearly 40 years, I have not been in the UK for nearly 10 years and I have set myself a “refugee budget” of 20 pounds sterling a day. So, I NEED your help!

We have learned much from Björn’s trip and the fact is that it is not the cycling that is the most difficult. No, it’s everything else. It’s local knowledge, it’s advice on where and when to meet football fans, it’s access to wifi or a sofa. It’s sending a fax or uploading some photos. It’s, well, a hundred and one things.

1) ….and most important. We need shirts to be sewn together to form this mega-shirt. Can you send one, please? New, old, worn, torn? It does not matter. We just need shirts in numbers. Please sign it (and get your friends/team-mates to sign it and send it off to the address below) Your shirt will fly proudly in the air at World Cup 2010.

2) I need to meet fans as I travel the country. I need to hear your stories about the teams you love and I need to tell you my story about the refugees.

3) If you have a spare bed/sofa/somewhere to shower that would be great too!

4) I need contacts with all the local newspapers and radio stations as I travel the country. If you have a contact at any newspaper group or in a local radio station I would really appreciate it.

5) I can do exclusive content for your site, magazine or club. “How far has my shirt got this week?”

6) If you have contacts at schools, churches, clubs/charities where I can give a talk that would be fantastic. It does not matter whether it is two or two hundred, I would be happy to meet them

7) Finally, please do the most simple thing. Tell your friends about this project and this site. Send them an email, send them a text or use the tabs below to contact your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc

THANKS! Anything that you can do to help will be appreciated.

The Shirt,

1 Shipley Road,


North Shields,

Tyne and Wear,


NE30 2SB



11 Responses to “Get Involved!”


    Hi Steve
    Well done on the project you are taking on.
    People need HOPE in their lives, this project will give many people that HOPE.
    All the best regards John Morris Berkshire uk

  • Steve Hall:

    Thanks John

    Hope to see you en route

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  • Cracking idea Steve, great way to raise awareness, hope to see you in the North East (Middlesbrough/Hartlepool). Have sent you an email with some more details!

  • Steve Hall:

    Thanks Mark, I would like to add you as a “friend” to highlight the AMAZING work you are doing. Can your dad send me a page and photos. Need to be ready to drop into WP. He’ll know better than me what to do!

  • Hi Steve,

    Good to speak to you on the phone. I hadn’t realised we had so much in common!

    What sort of bike are you after? Please let me know and I’ll put the word out. You’re going to have to ensure you’ve got a comfy seat too!!

    Best of British luck!


  • Steve Hall:

    Thanks for your call and support John.
    Bluntly any bike (within reason) 20th May-6June to get me around London. Then I need a quality touring/racing or hybrid for the trip Brum-Manchester-Carlisle- Newcastle-York – E.Midlands – London. Appreciate anything you can do.

  • Steve, I have a bike for you for your stay in London. Ready for you when you’re in Bromley this week! 🙂
    Kind regards, John

  • FANTASTIC, John. Superb support. Thanks

  • it was a pleasure to meet you at the Tower BNI meeting this morning. great cause all the best for the rest of the trip

    Rick Bell

  • Steve Hall:

    Rick, I assure you that the pleasure was all mine. It was a great pleasure to meet you Dona, Ian, Andrew and all the others who made it such a great day. Check this site in a couple of hours for more updates on my visit.

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