BNI Priory

BNI Priory

This was never going to be an “easy” meeting for me. It was the first one I had attended after my accident and I was still sore, aching and bruised. Nevertheless, I met some interesting contacts and, in particular, I was delighted to meet writer and photographer, Katherine Wildman who says, “Since joining BNI in November ALL my business comes from BNI.” Impressive! She also kindly took the photograph below of a few members of BNI Priory. The chapter meets in Tynemouth and you should visit if only to see the drunk waiter! I kid you not!

To name but a few of the members:

June Elliott is a great graphic designer and Mac Artist.

Jennifer Cowley is another person involved with cycling. Check her site to see her interesting offer.

Garth Thompson for professional independent advice on financial management.

Last but by no means least there was web designer Gary Cochrane


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