BNI Harald

Sadly, all good things come to an end and I completed my mini-tour of Alan Higham’s Cumbria and Durham Region with a visit to BNI Harald in Thornaby. This was the fifth chapter I had visited in the region and it most definitely did not let the side down! A very professional chapter with big numbers and even bigger numbers of referrals from a group of men and women who looked liked they were all enjoying themselves too.

Stuart McMullen did much to make my time in the North East so enjoyable and worthwhile. Apart from feeding, watering me and offering me accommodation I was able to see what a great AD really SHOULD be like. A credit to BNI.

Tony Powell was a very welcome introduction

Alex Ingham is a man you should meet. You may have no need for his products and services but if you want a role model of all that is good in BNI, he is your man. A credit to BNI.

LisaHalligan was a very special introduction. She did in 90 minutes what others have been talking about for 90 days. She produced a superb BNI Polo shirt AND delivered it to Middlesbrough before I had even pedalled there. This means that her companies name and this story will be recounted many times in the next few weeks.
It also means that her shirt will be the one signed by hundreds of BNI members over the coming days. Thanks and respect, Lisa.
Allison Timmins is THE contact for most everything in the Cumbria/Durham area. A one-stop directory of the movers and shakers. It was good to bump into her again. A shot of her enthusiasm was good preparation for a long day ahead in the saddle.

Mike Cratchley is your contact for any type of interpreting or translating!


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  • Hi Steve
    Thanks for visiting our region and our chapterse,it was great to meet you on the trip and we look forward to following your adventures in the future.

  • Steve Hall:

    Stuart, the pleasure was all mine. You and Alan Higham must be very proud of your region. Fortress, Harald and Vision were all premiership chapters if I may stretch the analogy!

    With members like Alex and Lisa you have true and outstanding examples of quality members (…and people!) Their generosity and friendship will not be forgotten.

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