BNI Flagship

BNI Flagship

It’s difficult to know what to say about this chapter and its dynamic Tracie Shippey other than they were the absolute perfect hosts. They are a flagship chapter in every sense of the word and have excellent attention to detail. If I lived in the area I would certainly be kicking the doors down to join.
Tracie is from a keen cycling family and in fact I was accommodated by her parents who have cycled all over the world – both solo and tandem. Tracie does not only have her Monavie business but also a successful PR company. Check them out – she is a young lady who I think you should get to know,

Rory Shackleton is the chapter IFA and I enjoyed a long and interesting conversation with him.

Stephen Johnson was another member who I enjoyed talking to. He has some very interesting ideas about digital photography that I enjoyed listening to …….and that he makes his living with.

I quickly found that when not running her own recruitment agency that Jo Herbert is a key player in the chapter leadership team.

Other members included:
 Karen Riddle
 accountancy and bookkeeping services.
Paul Brimelow
 Smart repair specialist for mobile paint repairs.
Tina Murray
 Building contractors
Karen Hibbart for all freelance design graphics.

All in all – a VERY impressive chapter.


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