BNI Acorn

BNI Acorn

BNI Acorn is a lunchtime chapter who immediately made me welcome. Marcus King had kindly invited me and even though I arrived 90 minutes “early” the room was already beginning to fill. That is one of the great pluses to me of lunctime chapters. They have a different “feel” and within minutes of getting off my cycle I was talking to a group of professional and positive business people. They now meet at the prestigious (and easy to find!!) David Lloys Club in Enfield and I am sure you will be made to feel equally welcome,

Acorn was in fact the first ever BNI lunchtime chapter in London and now I see others opening on a regular basis. I have visited four lunchtime chapters and I just prefer the more relaxed environment. At Acorn some people were there 90 minutes before the meeting and others were still there two hours after the official end of the meeting. It’s a formula that certainly works for some and Tony, Marcus and his team are to be congratulated on getting such a strong, dynamic chapter progressing so well and so fast. Thanks for the invite!

Special thanks to Dimitri Chrysto who immediately offered me a bed for the night and it was a very pleasant evening with him and his family. Dimitri is a true world traveller and it was great to hear of his adventures in India, Singapore, USA etc He’s definitely somebody who “gets” the whole BNI culture and the challenges of being on the road. A kindred spirit.

Another huge thank you to Jason Walmsley who is a qualified sports masseur and remedial therapist. He gave me an amazing one hour session and although it hurt at the time – it was meant to (!) – I really felt hugely better the next day ……and for the last days of my journey.

Others I had the pleasure of meeting included:
Melanie Todhunter : a life and corporate coach.

Tony Blyth for all your flooring requirements.

Simone Vince It was a pleasure to meet Simone again. We used to work together 10 years ago and she is a person who I would recommend to anybody.

Toni Cuschieri whose brother helped me so much at the local Vision chapter. A strong duo!

Phillip Masters who was the creator of the “Wealth Improvement Programme”

Panikos Hajistilly a professional photographer.

Stuart Harris a chartered certified accountant
Ben Riley Mister Geek himself ….for all things IT.
Kehinde Obidipe a cake pecialist. Yummy
Paul Hildyard for all types of insurance
Richard Waitt who creates websites that work. Simple!

Finally thanks to Sue Nugent who took this photo. She runs two excellent community magazines which proved a good read as I relaxed after an excellent meeting.


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  • Steve, It was a pleasure to have your insight during the Edco slot and of course your company, we will all be keeping an eye on your next adventure!

  • Steve Hall:

    Marcus. you have a TOP chapter and I am sure that the whole concept of lunchtime BNI chapters will grow. I went to several very successful lunchtime chapters and I know that many EDs, ADs etc are looking at the whole concept/ethos etc of lunchtime.

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