BNI Concord

BNI Concord

I had heard much of this chapter and had been encouraged to go by a number of members. It was indeed a flagship chapter and although I thought I had seen many excellent chapters this was as close to a model meeting as I saw. The chapter is actually the second oldest (a Harrow Chapter is older by just one day!) chapter in the UK and I was not suprised to see many members who had been with the chapter for 5,7,9 or even longer years. Yes, BNI works.

It’s not surprsingly a large chapter and everything has to be conducted in a very professional and slick manner to get through the full agenda – it was!

If you get the chance to visit the chapter, some of the members you will meet include:

Ian Turnbull Chapter Director and insurance broker.

Alan Haynes ABTA travel agents
Alan Brooks for furniture and carpets.
Sue Banks Aloe vera and Bee products.
Rohit Shien Osteopath, I LOVE the name of his website!
Vijay Ghudial Mortgage Solutions for all
Stuart Jackson Design, Print …..and much more.
Ken Bathia Professional Photographer
Dr. Ira Miller Dental care.
Vinny Piana Website designer

Steven Pursey Independent Estate Agents

It was also a great pleasure to meet Fitzroy Williams who is a BNI Ambassador and who is actually a member of the nearby Premiere chapter. Fitzroy is an event and party planner when he is not assisting fellow BNI members.

Photo reproduced by kind permission of Ken Bathia


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