BNI Vision

BNI Vision

I really enjoyed my visit to BNI Vision in Dalton Piercy near Hartlepool. BNI Assistant Director Craig Moore took the role of Chapter Director for the day and his was as polished a performance as I have seen. It was an energised meeting with an enthusiastic group with quality referrals being passed in good numbers.

Just some of the members I met included:
Joe Fairbridge a video specialist and his business partner Neil Shepherd a web designer.

There was also:
Martin Fletcher …representing the Stockton office.
Melanie Watson A larger than life driving instructor who promised to tell her clients to look out for cyclists!

Patrick Montgomery a professional photographer
S n S
For your perfect wedding day …..if that is not a contradiction in terms!
Graham Porter Painter and Decorator

Tony Rodham
Bookkeeping services for small businesses 
Peter Marley
general insurance services 


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