BNI Fortress

BNI Fortress

I had heard a lot about this chapter and from the minute I walked through the door I was impressed. As I write this, BNI Fortress gets my vote as the best chapter I have visited….bar none. Yes, there have been several excellent chapters and chapters like Wallington and Harald were bigger but I think Fortress has the edge. Everything was impressive – from the room lay-out, to the slick manner in which breakfast was served, to the way that visitors were treated, to the quality and number of referrals. Not only that but the Chapter Director, Phil Graham, had arranged for a professional photographer to be present to capture my visit for posterity, for a representative of Bishop Auckland FC to say, “hi” and for the local radio station to interview me.

So who are these impressive BNI members?

Phil Graham The chapter director and professional photographer.
Fari Serajian A wealth creator.
Neill Mullen Chartered Accountant
 Steve Dark The chapter’s printer.
Jayson Gurney IT Consultant, Computer Services and Support and all Web Services.


2 Responses to “BNI Fortress”

  • Hi Steve, many thanks for the kind words. It was a great pleasure meeting you recently at our weekly BNI meeting. The whole chapter are buzzing regarding your comments regarding how enjoyable your visit was and the level of commitment each of our members put into what is now becoming known as “Brand Fortress”. I’m sure I speak for all the members at Fortress BNI when I wish you every success in your journey. Regards Jayson

  • Steve Hall:

    Jayson, I insist that the pleasure was all mine. It was a real delight to see such an energised, positive and commited group of BNI members. It is absolutely no surprise to me whatsoever that, as a group, you are having such success. You have an excellent chapter director and quality ADs and EDs in Phil, Stuart and Alan Higham. To be honest four of five Cumbria/Durham meetings were superb but I still think you just edge it. On my way to two Bristol chapters tomorrow. I am told they will give you a run for your money and I am expecting much from some of the London chapters in my final week. At this moment I still think you nudge it ahead of Wallington, Surrey. Please remember me to the guys!

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