Cycling News

As anybody who has read this blog from day one will know, I am not a cyclist or perhaps I should say, “I WAS not a cyclist” BUT I am now getting interested in all things concerning this two wheeled phenomenon and will be adding cycling news here. Anybody with cycling links, stories, photos etc is welcome to forward them for inclusion. Thanks.

First off is Stewart Peart – who recently completed what he calls a “modest” run. Congratulations to him.

He says, “Last year I lost my old mate and long time cycling companion Tom Pailor to Leukaemia. Apart from being really unfair to Tom and his family, this horrible disease robbed me of a brilliant cycling companion whose endless supply of stories and jokes kept me laughing over the long difficult stretches. For fun, and to show that I’m still not past it, I’ve decided to retrace a memorable coast to coast run that we did in 2005.”.


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