I have been an active member of Ecademy for 5 years and more and it has always been my preferred social AND business network. The fact that it offers me both fun and serious contacts I regard as a definite plus. Whilst it says, “Supporting Business People”, it has offered me more, much more.

The founders of Ecademy are Penny and Thomas Power and over the past 10 years have lead the network to its flagship position. I know them both and they have both given me excellent support on The Shirt Project. Thanks.

I would recommend everybody checks out and if you think it is for you, then please do say “hi” to me there.

Many Ecademists have helped me in many ways as I have travelled the country and I have had the pleasure of meeting a great many members in 121s or in larger groups.

Some members you may wish to be introduced to and who I can recommend include:

Gill Evans A BNI stalwart and my favourite brand guardian.

Laurence Lowne a very active member of Ecademy and a one-stop shop for all things telecom.
John Cassidy a superb photographer.
Anthony Madigan For free writing advice that’s short and sweet.
Carolyn Williams and Georgina Lester are two young ladies who have given me great support as I travelled the country. Both are people you can trust implicity and will do what it says on the tin. Respect!
Dennis Knox is a man who haas travelled widely (although not on a bike, I guess!) and is THE man in his field
Milton Rodrigues has been a passionate supporter of the project from day one.
Rudesh Mehta
is a close friend of Milton and any friend of Milton is most definitely a friend of mine!  
Alex Garcez is your man if you want to improve your speed reading.

Phil Shepherd has worn many hats …….all of them successfully.

Dean “Warrior Coach” Grimshaw has always been there for me when it hurt.

…..and last and absolutely not least is the webmaster of this very site, geek, guru and an all round good guy
Pete Clark


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