BNI Viking

BNI Viking is based at the prestigious Daresbury Park Hotel just outside Warrington, Cheshire.

I had the pleasure to be invited by the charming Marissa Hankinson who had managed to acquire a signed Warrington Wolves shirt. What a star!! Thanks. She quickly introduced me to a number of very interesting and motivated members.

To name but a few

David Parden with a unique project in Spain.
Michael Clarke from True Bearing Ltd.
Kathleen Galloway the proprietor of African Dream – Bringing Africa to you
Andrew Collier who is a professional photographer and who kindly took some photos for us.
Emma Murry from De Vere Hotels who arranged my stay last night. Great hotel, enjoyed the immaculate room and leisure centre immensely. Thanks!

Last but by no means least there was Jody Urmston from Widnes Local and Runcorn Local who has found me some magazine distribution work for this evening. That is great news as funds are very very low at the moment. Hope I get enough hours to pay for food and a bed tonight!

Thanks to you all for making my welcome so special.

Warrington Wolves


3 Responses to “BNI Viking”

  • The pleasure was allour Steve, keep up the good work in raising awareness of the plight of refugees throughout the world.

  • Hi Steve,
    It was GREAT to have you along to BNI Viking. I was the person who spotted what you are doing (on Linked in) and passed it to Marissa – who, typically, jumped straight into action – she’s a star. Glad you enjoyed your visit – and a big thanks for doing my education slot!

  • Steve Hall:

    It was absolutely my pleasure. A great chapter and a great meeting. To receive the Wolves shirt was the icing on the cake, of course.

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