BNI Brunel

BNI Brunel is a lunchtime chapter based at the Redwood Lodge Hotel in Failand south of Bristol centre which meets every Tuesday. The Director is the ultra-professional and dynamic, Kevin Brown who I know will make you most welcome. I cannot hide that I like midday meetings and they have a certain “feel” about them that I find ttractive and in keeping with the BNI ethos. This Brunel chapter was no different.

I met:

David Robshaw a business development consulatnt  
Martin Vinesoffers a bespoke computer support solution for businesses great and small
Inge Dowden a business coach who says “We speak your language” ….. and proved it to me in style.
Tom Lakos Oh that I could have spent more time with Tom! He is a personal trainer who gave me some great tips. I would have liked him every inch of the way!
Debbie Kleiner Gaines for the BEST in independent medical insurance.


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