BNI Sherlock

Sherlock's Tati Bercht

BNI Sherlock – two bites of the cherry!

David Marks was kind enough to invite me to both the lunchtime chapter and the less formal “Six in The City” the previous evening. Sadly, David was out of town but I was welcomed by an enthusiastic group of members on a well-attended visitors’ day.

Members included:
Tati Bercht a travel agent who really impressed me (see photo)
Joaquim Barreto the chapter photographer who took this photo.
Sima Awas Business Coach
Tacina Smith art and eclectic things
Pierre Pylypiw Pro Language Training

Edward J O Wilson Wealth Management
Ilyas Kirkan Colourful Coaching
Cémanthe Harries Social Media Training.  
 Robert Tiffin Eco Surveyor
Michael Holms Coats Strategy and Design
Julius Brookman Family law. 
Simon Levy Certified Chartered Accountants
Gill Evans
Chris Walker Solicitor

Gill Evans
Barrie Ross-Dew Corporate Insolvency
Tony Spikins Printing and Marketing Services


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