Day 128

Keeping the best until last!

It is invidious to say that one or another chapter of BNI was better or best but I definitely need to thank Norma Morris and her team for a GREAT Welcome at Vision BNI (Southgate). Thanks! Most of the members were wearing the shirts of their favourite teams to add colour to my visit. They also presented me with a signed Barnet shirt from their local club courtesy of the Barnet chairman, Tony Kleanthous. Thanks to all involved in sourcing the shirt. Norma has been one of the rocks on which I have built this trip and I was not surprised with the great reception and attention to detail. HUGE THANKS!

So, that’s it. The party’s over (as yet another song goes) and the trip was completed successfully. Well, successfully to the extent that I visited all 92 clubs but it was very frustrating to learn that the total number of refugees actually increased as I was on my journey from some 43 million to an estimated 45 million. One can thus see the enormity of the project. All I can hope is that my efforts in some ways went to help raise awareness for the project. If THAT happened then I can definitely say that my trip was successful. Those who know me well will confirm that I am hugely self-critcial and that I will analyse every aspect of the trip over the next few days.

I cannot thank you enough for following me and without your support this trip would definitely not have been possible. Please do continue to follow the updates on this site and follow me on Twitter and Facebook where you will read about the next stages of this project. Enjoy!

I also heard today that Bjørn’s mega shirt was to be on display at the Vålerenga Brann game on Sunday. Fantastic to see the momentum being continued.


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