Steve at Regus


Apart from visiting all the 92 grounds and 34 BNI regions, I must also visit all 136 Regus Offices in the UK and they will be my only “base” for the next 15 weeks. I take a Regus shirt from office to office. The staff sign it as I explain the project and then I have the opportunity to hot-desk, chill and have a coffee. I have been to a dozen so far and I have been treated extremely well at all the centres. Special mention though to Milton Keynes (Midsummer Boulevard) and Holborn Gate, London where this charming young lady welcomes you.


As they say,” For more than two decades, Regus has been helping businesses of all kinds to work more effectively, in the way that suits them. The company now has 3,000 business centres in 900 cities all over the world.

“The easiest way to predict the future is to invent it…”

20 years on… Since 1989, Regus has consistently developed its portfolio of products and services to meet the needs of our customers to work however, whenever, wherever.We will continue to invent our future and remain at the forefront of providing quality products and services.”

I am hugely grateful for their support!

Thanks….. and great chocolate biscuits at St Albans. I told you I would not forget you!


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