BNI Great Western

Great Western

Should I, shouldn’t I? I probably had more challenges getting to this chapter than any other but, wow, I am glad I did make the effort! Apart from getting a temporary supply of business cards (see below) I also attended a truly great meeting and it proved to me that yet again BNI can be very successful away from the major cities. It may be beautiful where they meet in deepest devon….but a city it is not!
Some of the members I met included:

Lyn Milligan is the professional and enthusiastic Chapter Director. She chaired an EXCELLENT meeting and I was very impressed with the amount of business that is generated and the friendly interaction between the members. In “real life” she is a lettings specialist.
Lin Cane is Lyn’s right-hand (wo-)man who did an equally impressive job. Her other life is as a conveyancer. A strong duo.

Chris Wood came to my rescue as he saw I had run out of business cards and within two hours had an emergency supply to me. HUGE THANKS, Chris ……but being from Yorkshire what else would I expect?
Simon Bonelle has the answers when it comes to any telecom requirements.
Boyd Rogers is a hugely knowledgeable wine merchant.
Tim Burridge is a Chartered Financial Planner
Dave Matthews is a stalwart of the chapter who was most willing to give me some help and advice. I’m sure he’d do the same for you.
Linda Wade
for all mortgage matters.
Jeff and Stacy offer a mobile tyre fitting service.
Mike Elleston is a professional copywriter who impressed me greatly with his eye for detail. He works closely with ….
Peter Ingall who owns the Teignbridge franchise for the excellent Local-National portal as well as several other local portals. He is a true professional working with an excellent brand. I wish him well.
David Lobley is on the leadership team of the Great Western chapter who also did an excellent presentation of his company.


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