On Saturday the 6th January 2024, Steve Hall, the owner of www.TheShirt2010.co.uk ,will start off on a new 1500 mile tour of England.

Steve is a seasoned traveller – 50 countries, 700 flights – but this trip will be unique. Is he back in the saddle and cycling? No. Is he running? No. Horseback/canoes? Dream trips but not this time. No, this one will be in a digital tuktuk! He will be virtually visiting the many football clubs in England he loves so much! Yes, the motorised rickshaw much beloved of travellers in Thailand and India will be visiting Old Trafford and Villa Park, Elland Road and St James …. and many, many more! 

So, what is this journey? Why is he doing it?  There are two main reasons. The number one priority is to raise money for Prostate Cancer  Like all charities, Prostate Cancer had a torrid time during the Covid 19 crisis. He is keen to raise many thousands of pounds for the charity and has set himself various targets.
He is sharing his fundraising this time 50-50 with his friends at FC Deportivo Galicia from Heathrow, London. Again Covid was tough for this Combined Counties side but with some luck and Galician pluck they are punching above their weight again this season. The first task is to get £500 to them both asap.

He has many innovative sponsorship options starting at £1. Yes, for just £1 you can sponsor a mile of the journey, for £50 you can sponsor his visit to your favourite ground where hopefully you can meet him. Here is the Just Giving page. Any donation, however small will be gratefully received and acknowledged. If you prefer to use PayPal or Wise or or or please let him know.

Anyone who sponsors a stadium gets a signed print and a jigsaw puzzle of the ground. If you can persuade him that your club is better than his beloved Gillingham FC …. you can get your money back. Tip! Nobody has persuaded him in 55 + years. He has auctions and raffles planned and every single pound will go direct to Prostate Cancer and FC Deportivo Galicia with not a penny taken out for expenses.  

Secondly, it’s a tour of the UK to see what football 2024 is all about. It has been a crazy decade. He’d say that Sky TV gets stronger, more games are televised, the top teams get wealthier and the rest are left to survive. Is that the reality? Let’s see. Steve has been a football fanatic for nearly 60 years and is keen to see what football really means to everybody. In 2010 Steve did a similar journey but that time on a pedal cycle. That was a journey of four months and 5000 kilometers. Whilst he was on the journey he lost all his possessions in a storage-centre fire and was left for dead by a hit-and-run driver near Sunderland. Next year’s tour looks a little easier! 

He is still tidying the route but it will be a figure of eight from FC Deportivo Galicia in West London with a 5pm start after the FC Deportivo Galicia v Langley fixture. He is donating free tickets to groundhoppers, and hopefully Langley will donate the three points! He is then on QPR, and the other London teams before Southampton and the Isles of Scilly up via Cheltenham and the Midlands to the North West and the Isle of Man. He will cross the Pennines and continue to Sunderland and Newcastle before the long trek back to London via Yorkshire, the Midlands and the Home Counties. It would be nice to finish at Wembley or maybe his beloved Gillingham* or or or ….. All will be finalised soon.

Please follow him as he travels his journey through England. The journey will be charted daily on www.TheShirt2010.co.uk and will be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and many other social media channels. Previous trips were always well covered by local radio and the printed media. Obviously, this makes it a great opportunity for businesses great and small to become involved.  He will be announcing corporate sponsorship packages in the next few days starting from just £1. In 2009/2010 he helped Bjorn Heidenstrom with his social media on the epic cycle ride from Oslo to South Africa. 35,000 kms, 10 months on the cycle ….. and 2 million page views! He will be pleased to show you how you can showcase your business. Please, shout if you have any suggestions – now is the time to lock them into the itinerary.  

At this point he would like to thank a group of very special people who put their faith in him when the whole trip was little more than a coffee-inspired idea. They promised to sponsor and support, help and advise. Stand up Keith Nicol at PhotoVideoSpain, Dave Baldwin at  Papilios Creative, The World’s Most Expensive Link and, of course, all at Go Wild Magazine without whose help this journey could never progress.      

The JustGiving page is now live for Prostate Cancer as is the BuyMeACoffeepage for FC Deportivo Galicia – which mile can you sponsor at £1?

*In 2010 Steve met the great Ray Clemence Gillingham’s new manager is his son Steve. There’s a nice connection!

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