BNI Hogarth

BNI Hogarth will always have a place in my heart! It was the first chapter I visited (two hours, three trains!) and it very much set the tone for the journey.

Dinah Liversidge helped to introduce me to BNI headquarters so it was somehow fitting that she did the main presentation of the day.

I was also delighted to meet David Stoch who covers PR and media for BNI as well as being a Hogarth member.

So, Hogarth’s members were the first to sign the BNI shirt which is now travelling through the UK and which will be returned to Hogarth at the end of the journey with perhaps 1200 to 1500 signatures. Yes, it all started there!

The chapter is a well-established chapter which is manifestly well-run and there was a good “buzz” in Carluccio’s restaurant in Chiswick. I am sure you will be made most welcome.


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