BNI Orwell

BNI Orwell

Elene Marsden was kind enough to invite me to BNI Orwell and to organise my stay. This is another chapter that uses a David Lloyd centre and yet again the quality of the meeting mirrors the quality of the venue.

In a busy room I was pleased to meet

Adrian Deadman the chapter Financial Planning Consultant
Jennifer Newton
 for practical HR solutions.
Brian Taylor print cartridges …save money and help save the planet.
Jonathan Bray services and training
Graham Hill for all ICT solutions
Jeremy Stewart the chapter’s chartered accountant
Simon Jay
PGA Professional and Director of Golf
Tim Maulden
-print and web design
Trevor Clarke
 who says “Impressions Count”

Steve Thomas who did an excellent 10 minute presentationon The Utility Warehouse
Richard Tinkler the chapter solicitor
Sheila Bloom Florists of repute
Colin Stewart a Sage specialist and fervent Pompey fan.
Bob Scott Overseas Property Consultants
Allan Scott a 6 year member who has the answers for newsletters
Helen Oldfield PR specialist
Nick Trenter IMA
Roger Barcham Photography and Exhibition Services
Tim Scott-Douglas innovative tracking services
Jamie David Contemporary Photographer


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