Basecamp Norway has religiously been collecting and photographing all the hundreds of shirts that have been submitted along Björn’s journey through Europe into Africa. You will find the collection here.

Please go to your wardrobe, the wash basket, the boot of the car or wherever and join us by sending YOUR shirt. Old, new, ripped or perfect, man’s or woman’s, boy’s or girl’s. Each one will form a part of the BIGGEST shirt ever seen.

Please give me your shirt in person or send it to

“The Shirt”

Each shirt will be photographed and added to this site. If your shirt tells a story – every shirt tells a story – please let us have that too. Was it the one you wore before you went on a diet? Was it perhaps a Chelsea shirt your senile great aunt bought you for Christmas even though you are a Chelthenham fan? Please sign it, send it and tell us the story behind it.

On behalf of the world’s 45 million refugees. THANKS. On behalf of Björn and myself THANKS.


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