This section is dedicated to all those hundreds of people who have helped me in many ways. Some have offered me a bed, others a pair of trainers whilst others have done nothing more concrete than “being there”. Guys, it is as simple as this. Without you, I could NOT have completed the journey. To those who want to remain private I respect your wishes and to those who are happy for me to acknowledge you, I have added you here.

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  • Steve, all the very best (YOU MUST BE STARK RAVIN’)………working on something for you in the Bolton/Manc area………when will you be there (Approx)

  • Kai Isaksen:

    Steve, fantastic project and right in the spirit of The Shirt! I will support all I can during your fantastic journey!

  • Rudi & Rita Mehta:

    Hi Steve,

    My wife and I wish to thank you for your support and wish you all the best for your journey.

    Enjoy,have fun and good luck on your journey.

    Kind regards

    Rudi & Rita Mehta

  • Steve,

    Good Luck! Keep drinking lot’s of water! Plenty of rest and stretches for all large muscle groups in btw and LOOK forward to meeting you in Cardiff/ Swansea? @)).

    Carolyn @LifestyleOnline C:)x

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  • Dear Steve,
    What a challenge! I wish you all the best and have fun. Hope you will collect shirts from alla the clubs you meet!
    Good Luck!

  • Steve Hall:

    Thanks all. Your good wishes will flatten all the hills!

    Swansea here I come!

  • Steve Hall:

    Manchester 12th June for 10 days. BUSY diary there …. thanks to those who are beavering.

  • Steve Hall:

    Thanks Ingela – it’s much appreciated.

  • Simon Jones:

    Good luck Steve, looks like fun and a great idea. We have a spare room and shower in Swansea if interested. Will try to catch you with Carolyn.

  • Steve Hall:

    Thanks so much, Simon. Not so sure of the fun bit at the moment with the training. It WILL be fun when I get to meet you all. Looking foward to it.

  • Steve you are a star! All the very best with your mission! Will be a tough but fun journey I’m sure. Hope the sun smiles on you and that you get all the support, beds and showers that you need!

  • Steve Hall:

    Thanks, Dena. Happy to add you and the best accommodation in Catalonia as “friends”. Just send details. Might bump in to you and yours on the Pennines. Hope so!

  • Wow Steve! Awesome news! Go get’em tiger! 🙂

  • Steve Hall:

    Thanks Claire. It may not be Oslo-South Africa but it’s far enough for an old timer like me!

  • David Winder:

    Steve do appreciate all you are doing, you certainly have more guts than me but you are a little younger! also for all the good things you have done here in Spain. Take care and drive/”bike” safely.
    David Winder and all the fans at F.C.Torrevieja and the Golf Society.

  • Steve Hall:

    Thanks Dave, appreciate your support. I may only be 53 but it’s 35 years since I sat in a saddle! Make sure FC Torrevieja moves back to safe hands soonest!

  • David Blight:

    Looking forward to seeing you in the (hopefully, not so frozen) North early July. You’ll be an accomplished cyclist by then no doubt!

    Good luck Steve – you deserve it !

    David B.

  • Steve Hall:

    Thanks David. Really looking forward to meeting up again. In London – much changed in 9 years

  • WELCOME!! Steve my good friend, I wish you the best of luck, I am 100% behind you!

  • Steve Hall:

    With guys like you, I cannot go wrong. THANKS

  • Hi Steve,

    Check out my latest blog:

    I hope it gives you extra peddle power for what is an incredible cause!

    Best wishes,

  • Sabs:

    Glad we met in Croydon and caught up with “them days” ~keep smiling and be in touch safe cycling
    As always

  • An inspiration to us all, as a footie fan this was on my radar so I am very jealous and look forward to meeting you along the line.

  • Steve Hall:

    Look forward to meeting you too

    Kind Regards


  • Good to meet with you yesterday at the Barclays/Geoff Ramm event and if you could forward a copy of the photo you took then I will add a few words to our twitter page to help you if possible.

  • Good on you. If Spain can do so can you.Take care of the health though. LOL

  • Steve Hall:

    Andy, Spain and I can BOTH do it ….and we will

    Thanks for your kind thoughts


  • Steve Hall:

    Thanks, Craig. It was indeed great to meet and I thought it was an exceptional presentation by a consummate professional.

  • It was a pleasure to welcome you to Durham & Cumbria BNI. Good luck with the rest of your trip


  • Steve Hall:

    ABSOLUTELY my pleasure to be with you and yours. The whole region is a credit to BNI
    HQ will learn of the superb meetings


  • Morten:

    Norway calling; good luck to you, Steve 🙂

  • Steve Hall:

    Takk, Morten. Thanks. Norwegian contacts are always welcome as long as they are not Enga fans LOL

  • Dear Steve,

    What an amazing site. I really do admire you and what you are achieving. If you are anywhere near Chelmsford it will be my pleasure to look after you.


  • Steve Hall:

    Thanks David, I will definitely be in Chelmsford mid September. Hope we can meet


  • Hey there trooper,
    It was an absolute pleasure spending a little time with you during your stay in Huddersfield. I really do hope that people do spare a thought for the refugees in this cruel world of ours. In the meantime take the best of care…anyone out there reading this…extend a hand of kindness and support Steve in whatever small way you can..Steve… may the sun shine on you face and the wind stay on your back.


  • Ken Bowns:

    Steve, great to spend a hour in your company on Tuesday at my workplace Bristol Street Motors Peugeot.
    Saw your interview from the new Chesterfield FC ground, very impressive all the way around.
    Good luck with the remainder of your journey and stay safe.


  • Steve Hall:

    It was my pleasure to visit you and see your impressive showrooms. I am delighted that you chose to become a “ friend“of the project and to be “Sponsor of the Day” Just look round the site and see the number of mentions of BNI. Think you would do well as a member. Thanks again. Nice Jaffa Cakes!

  • A belated welcome to Hereford!! Great talking to you Steve, and good luck with the rest of your trip.

  • guess Norway or at least me & Teamkraft would like to hear about the finish line (date) coming “HOME”

  • finishin date ? and to Norway date?

    doing great Sir Hall!

  • Bjørn, I hope to be back in Oslo on 24th/25th September. As you know, it “might” be a day or two later. I look forward to buying you all a Pripps Fatöl ….. a good Swedish beer! Huge thanks for your support. I remember you stayed in a pub garden near Harwich on your first, second day in UK. Thought I might go and say “hi”. I had a “Colchester” moment at Plymouth Argyle. Next…..! 71 down and only 21 to go.

  • Steve thank you again for your visit and gift x you are amazing and inspirational.
    Best wishes and keep in touch
    Helen x

  • Given all the insults you have given about my beloved over the years I think you’re having a laugh going to pointless West Ham for your 92 and last club.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday and back in Spain early November.

    Great effort Mr Hall, pity about the legs.

  • Steve Hall:

    Always a pleasure to ridicule the Baggies – respect however and thanks for their support of the project.

    West Ham? I thought they were always everybody’s “other team” ……. I know yours is Wolves!

  • Steve Hall:

    Helen, don’t forget to remind your members that I am happy to add them onto my site. You just need to gather up their business cards and forwrd them to me.

  • Enfield Torry:

    Hi Steve. nearly there mate, i see your back this way next week Barnet and Enfield on friday.
    Give me a call and we can meet up maybe on 07880603108

  • Hola Steve, it was a pleasure meeting you on Friday where I was subbing at the Concorde Chapter.
    Great cause and I wish you the very best for the rest of your journey;-)

  • Steve Hall:

    Hi Yes fate brought us together. If you give me a few details about YOUR chapter, I can add a link on the BNI page. Always happy to help those who have helped me.

  • Steve Hall:

    Hi again. Yes, nearly there! Seems a long long way from our last meet at Ponders End. Just in and out on Friday but let’s see if we can catch a coffee. Regards to all your friends and the guys in Birmingham.

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