Penny On

Penny On

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome Martin Dewhurst and Penny On to The Shirt. I have known Martin for a number of years and have great respect for what he is doing. In reality what he is offering is blindingly simple – effortless giving. I am keen to assist.

So, what is Penny On?

We all talk about changing the world.

Now you can with Penny On.

Penny On is the simplest solution to ensuring every person in the world has what they need. Enough to eat, a safe place to sleep, education and their health. And it starts with you giving one penny.

We want you to be part of Penny On. Getting involved and giving is simple – we just want you to give one penny every time you shop.

Your pennies will help at home and abroad, joining up communities across the world through common aims.

Change the world effortlessly – one penny at a time.

Penny On is a social enterprise company and a charitable trust. We have one aim – to create local, national and global support for the vital work that the whole of the voluntary sector does.

Penny On is a way of fundraising and collecting your pennies, allowing everyone to effortlessly give. And in turn those pennies go to projects at home and abroad.

Everything we do is connected to the Millennium Development Goals – with the goal of ending poverty. At first we’ll focus on Goal 1 – sending your pennies to fund projects dedicated to wiping out extreme poverty and hunger – on your doorstep and abroad.

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