Dean “Warrior Coach” Grimshaw

One of the people who has ALWAYS been there is Dean “Warrior Coach” Grimshaw. We met on Ecademy and he quickly became engaged in my project. As he cycled through the UK, he would phone me in the evenings to check how I was surviving. I’d always look forward to his dulcid (-ish!) tones and his encouragement and support. Respect and thanks to Dean.

He supports all those who push themselves and his current updates are as below:

Our very own team taking on the Forces March in 2011 have been very busy building plans and strategies to hit the huge target of £15k they have set themselves and have already collected up £432 which is 3% of the goal. Now I’m not an expert in Maths but I do know we have quite a way to go yet and we’re ready for the challenge. Right now we are heavily promoting our Team Warrior Christmas Hamper Raffle where anyone can buy a ticket and stand a chance to win a luxury basket of goods estimated to be worth £150!! How will that brighten up Christmas for you?

To enter couldn’t be simpler. It is a mere £1 a ticket and you can get yours by emailing me where I will give you the details of where to post the whopping cheque for your
order. Alternatively you can put the money straight on our fundraising page and even include gift aid in that donation. Though if you do that please ensure you email me anyway with some contact details so that I can inform you of your raffle numbers and let you know straight away that you are a winner should you strike it lucky! Our fundraising page can be found here:

The Forces March is still accepting new teams so if you’re curious about taking part make sure you enquire today. I’ll leave a link at the bottom of this email. In fact even if you’re not sure don’t dismiss the idea. I met Stephen Bell only a couple of months ago and one of the first things he said to me was ‘There’s no way you’re getting me involved in that!’ Well he didn’t join Team Warrior despite my attempts however he did go one step further and raised his own team with a whopping target of raising £20k for Project 65.
That is just fantastic to hear! Check out the fundraising page for
Team Sirens here:

Spare a thought for another man who shares a passion for extreme fitness challenges as well, Sean Mercer. Ex RMR Sean has been taking on various challenges to support the Royal Marines Benevolent
Fund and his next crazy event will be the Beastly Feast on the 28th Nov. Now with a name like that I’m pretty sure that isn’t going to be a walk in the park! Check out his page for more details of what
that involves.

And before I waffle on with even more amazing challenges that are going on to support great causes I’ll sign off with a promise to be back in touch soon. This week I’ll be catching up with Mr Project 65 himself, Danny Greeno to glean his wisdom of how we can do more for the great cause he is the face of. I’ll be keeping you informed of how that goes. In the meantime check out the Forces March and
have a think of who would like to give it a go. You never know, it
may be you 🙂

To all Warriors, We salute You!



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