From Rome to Ronda

Roma a Ronda / From Rome to Ronda

In November 2009 my great friend Andy de Ronda (Ronda Andy) hosted Bjørn and I for a day in the beautiful Spanish town of Ronda in Andalucia. We had a full day of visits with the council, the local football teams, local bars and he even organised a night at the superb Hotel Ronda for Bjørn. Respect. Unbeknown to us at that time but Bjørn’s journey and my later mini-journey inspired Andy.

Andy has now set himself a huge challenge. He will WALK from Rome to Ronda in the spring of 2011. I met up with Andy recently in Marbella and he outlined his plans. I was delighted to offer my support and wanted to be one of the very first to sponsor him. Not only does Andy have a very challenging walk ahead of him but he has also set himself a huge fund-raising target. I hope all the fans of the Shirt project will be willing to support Andy too.

He has already launched a Facebook fan-page and his new site will be up soon.


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