Kickoff3pm football auction site.

If you already sell football memorabilia, you can save money selling on and enjoy greater features and more flexible listing options that our current members are already telling us are quicker. If you collect, then bookmark our site and include it as part of your regular search routine for those items you need. The site’s aim is to feed money to grass roots football and other football charities when established. To do that they need regular buyers and sellers and that’s where you come in.

At the moment we are not suggesting the auction is an alternative to places like ebay, that would be silly to say. But it can be another option and already, some regular ebay sellers have said they intend to use the site and support it’s efforts to make it an alternative. In general it is hard for people to compete with the ebay monster but there are two main reasons why has a chance with your help.

It doesn’t need to take traffic from ebay there are more then enough people who don’t currently use ebay. There are people who won’t pay the fees, people who have been wronged either by ebay or other ebay members and finally there are people who have been banned on ebay, those alone number thousands over the years just in the UK.

To supplement this it’s a niche market – football memorabilia – so there are things that can be done better. For a start, it’s British and we can do football better simply because we understand the market – 15 years of experience behind the management too. Designed and built with features just for football fans in mind. They are creating a community format of friendship and togetherness that will be more secure as they will be less people to be concerned about and in time the broad number of members will get to know each other and that breeds trust.

But perhaps the most importent thing in these current times is what are ebay doing to help the British economy or even football ? Some people don’t understand that when they pay for services on ebay they pay VAT but how much of that goes to UK services? All that VAT goes to Luxembourg since 2007. So what do they do for football ? I have not seen anything to indicate the ebay give anything to football either in the UK or Worldwide.

So all we are saying is give us a chance, place links on forums, talk about KickOff3pm on Facebook, Twitter, at the game or in the pub.



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