FC Torrevieja

FC Torrevieja is “my team” in Spain. It plays in the fourth level of Spanish football in what is called La Tercera (The Third). It is a bit of an anomaly that there are two Segunda (The Second) leagues in Spain but however you shuffle the words the club is only playing at the fourth level.

At Christmas 2009 there was (again!) great hopes of promotion but the club were in financial difficulties and an organisation called SAMM Inc somehow came on the scheme and projected themselves as white knights. Sadly, they did not pay the players for several months and the promotion dream became a relegation nightmare with only two wins out of 14 games!

In scenes similar to the miners’ strike, a huge internal battle was waged with blame and mutual vilifcation being tossed around with gay abandon. Friend was pitted against friend, neighbout against neighbour with the club, the supporters’ club, ex directors and anybody else who had ever seen a single game pontificating about who was right and who was wrong. The bottom line is that SAMM have not injected anything like the monies they were claiming they would. The weeks of my cycle ride through the UK will be interesting to say the least.

For latest information see FC TorryFans

(The official club site is now months out of date)


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