Tuktuk Day 30

So, it’s that time of the week again and Darren Ashley’s vlog was again popular last week. This week he is at Sporting Khasla in Willenhall. They were like FC Deportivo Galicia set up by immigrants and the parallels in their stories are interesting. Sporting Khalsa Football Club are members of the Northern Premier League Division One Midlands, who play their home games at Noose Lane in WillenhallWest Midlands. Being founded by the local Sikh community in 1991, they are the first British Asian club to own their own ground, which they bought from Willenhall Town in 2010 after moving from Abbey Park, the former home of Bloxwich Town.

So, what did Darren find out? ” For yesterday’s Non League vlog, I took in another new ground thanks to a kind invite from Sporting Khasla’s Jake (who is head of security), for their home match against high flying Anstey Nomads.

Joined again by my best mate Thunder, Jake met us on arrival, took us in the ground and showed us around.

We was told most things were accessible to us, and introduced to various people, some to potentially interview.

During this, I realised I had been so happy chatting that I hadn’t actually done any filming, so, I needed to get my butt into gear!

Walking around, what struck me was, what a lovely ground Sporting Khalsa has, very pleasing on the eye with the colours, and, there is a fair bit of raised level viewing which gives you an even better view of the action.

So, all the filming I needed before kick off completed, I could relax again and chat to some more people before kick off.

You may have got sick and tired of reading this, as every week, I say the same thing…I won’t spoil what happened in the game as hopefully you will watch the vlog which is found in the comments section below….but, trust me, it was a very entertaining match with plenty of action.

It’s also worth watching, for 2 interviews in particular..Nathan, who told me what Khalsa means to him after the passing of his father, and also Anstey Nomads FC fans Luke and Kai, who, despite having season tickets for Leicester City, watch and prefer to follow Nomads.

So, the match ends, I film the wrap up of the vlog and leave the ground…where, one of the Sporting Khasala staff hurriedly catches me up, stops me to give me back my selfie stick which I hadn’t even realised i had dropped.

It was the final classy act from a classy club, where Thunder and I were looked after brilliantly.

I would love to read anybody’s comments about visiting Noose Lane to learn of their experience, and woukd also love to film a vlog at Anstey Nomads if they would have me.

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