Tuktuk Day 23

Apologies for the lack of a new club yesterday, health challenges but back fighting today. My post about Kettering Town got people talking and I am delighted to say I have a huge update for tomorrow courtesy of Andy Clark. He is doing it to thank his father in law, Alex Elmore who has been a huge fan. Respect to them both.

I am delighted to see how much people are enjoying Darren Ashley’s vlogs every week. This week he was in Northamptonshire and clearly had a great day at Moulton.

He says,

“For my Non League vlog, yesterday, I went to a step 6 clash in the Spartan South Mids Division 1 between 3rd place Moulton and leaders Northampton ON CHENECKS ( Old Northamptonians).

The title on the vlog is because Moulton Football Club had beaten ON Chenecks twice in December.

I’m gonna say it quickly this week…I won’t spoil what happened in the match because I’d appreciate it if you could try to give the vlog a bit of a view. See below

A few weeks ago, I had an invite on this group from Steve Alibone to attend Moulton FC, so, I had a quick look at their upcoming fixtures and found this tasty looking one!

Steve was great, keeping in touch and assured me that he would show me around a bit on matchday, which is always reassuring when wanting different bits to film.

Matchday arrives, I turn up, it’s cold but sunny, and park in, for a step 6 club, quite a big car park outside the ground.

As soon as I go in and introduce myself, I was made so welcome by everyone at the club.

Often, I do get a little nervous but I talk loads to cover it up!

Steve, as promised, showed me around the ground and clubhouse which was really nice.

I bumped into both managers and did my groundwork by arranging a pre and post match interview, which then gave me plenty of time to relax before kick off.

I wanted to film the match from the main stand which would give me a view from slightly higher up but the sun shining straight at it put paid to that as the visual would be rubbish.

The game came and went, some of of it very exciting, and some less so, but I must admit, I enjoyed listening to sideline comments from fans and management.

One particular lady, a lovely woman called Judy ( she is featured on the vid having a pop at the ref), told me that her husband used to play at Middlesbrough with the one and only Brian Clough, but a broken leg put paid to her hubby’s pro career.

So, after wrapping up the filming and barely being able to feel my fingers, I headed off home with the memories of a lovely afternoon at an even better club whirring in my head.

I also must mention, that everyone who I spoke to at ON Chenecks were great too with me, and I hope to record there at the not to distant future.

Just a quick warning, if you are easily offended by..erm…industrial language, best if you don’t want. I even got caught up in it, but edited my sweary Mary moment out “

Watch the video here ….

If you want to watch his earlier vlogs, there is
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Just subscribe to Darren on YT for more

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