Tuktuk Day 108

So, it’s Sunday and that means spotlighting one of Darren’s awaydays that have been so popular on this blog. See last week at Kettering for example. If you thought that had a great story, wait until you see the twists and turns in this week’s trip to Staffordshire. Let’s hear what he says,

“Yesterday, my Non League vlogging took me up to the Black Country for a clash between Walsall Wood & AFC Rushden & Diamonds. Wood came into the match, having, in effect, nothing to play for. However, for the Diamonds, they were hoping to pull of one of THE greatest relegation escape acts from the Northern Premier League – Midlands Division. Actually it would have been one of the greatest escapes ever. Why am I thinking Wark, Stallone, Bobby Moore, Ossy Ardiles etc?

They were on FOUR points in January, fourteen off survival. Yet they had since hauled themselves to, basically, having to better relegation rivals Rugby Town’s result today to ensure survival at Step 3.

The ensuing 90 minutes footy that I saw was dramatic, and, nerves aplenty amongst Diamonds fans, with everyone knowing exactly what was going on in the Rugby match. At the end of the match, despite winning 2-0, it was despair for the away contingent, as Rugby had ended up winning 3-0 at Boldmere St Michael’s.

I did an interview at the end of the game with a clearly despondent Diamonds player Cairo Taylor, and as I was wrapping up my filming, shock news came through that Loughborough Dynamo had issued a statement, basically, saying they wanted voluntary relegation.

Absolutely shocking news for the players, fans and staff from Dynamo, but, a possible relegation lifeline for Rushden?????….who knows?”

Obviously the story from Loughborough Dynamo is breaking news but here is the official club statement.

Loughborough Dynamo Chairman Darren Rodgers makes a statement.

“To all loyal Loughborough Dynamo Football Club volunteers, supporters, management and players.

As you are all aware, Loughborough Dynamo Football Club has stood shoulder to shoulder with the top teams in the league and will finish in the clubs highest position ever.

LDFC has a unique and proud history within the game and is well respected for its integrity on and off the pitch.

Taking all factors into consideration, this season has identified the strain that possible promotion could place on the club.

With this in mind and the current stresses that step four places on us, Loughborough Dynamo has decided to take a step back to grassroots football and is setting up a community interest club (CIC).

This approach has been carefully devised with a local benefactor and the local council who seek to enhance the infrastructure at Nanpantan Sports Ground with the goal of fostering a thriving community capable of forging a sustainable future for LDFC.

I would like to thank everyone who has been on this brilliant journey so far and we look forward to a bright and exciting future for the club.

Darren Rodgers.”

I thought this was a class response from AFC Rushden & Diamonds. “Following the statement released yesterday evening, all at AFC Rushden & Diamonds wish to express their sympathies with all players, officials and supporters involved with Loughborough Dynamo FC.”

Anyway to move back to events ON the field hop over to Darren’s great vlog, enjoy the game and don’t forget to register completely free of charge to get all future games and, of course, an opportunity to see all the previous awaydays. Flackwell Heath is particularly recommended. Congratulations, guys, on your promotion.

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