Tuktuk Day 71

Flackwell Heath

Yes, it’s Sunday which can only mean one thing. I look back on Gillingham and FC Deportivo Galicia’s results and I watch Darren Ashley’s You Tube channel. Gillingham drew at home to Tranmere Rovers whilst Deportivo Galicia beat Bagshot 7-0 in a game that was not as one-sided as it seemed.

Darren was meant to have been at high-flying Flackwell Heath last week but it fell foul of the weather. Yesterday he was in more luck as he relates,

” Yesterday’s vlogging took me to South Buckinghamshire, after an invite from Rich, to his club Flackwell Heath, who happened to be top of the Combined Counties Prem Division North league.

I was meant to go there last Saturday, but it got called off that morning, which was no bad thing for me as I was feeling a bit under the weather.

This week, they were playing 16th placed Harefield United.

Recent league form for both teams…

Flackwell Heath W W W W W W

Harefield Utd L W L W L W

….surely only one outcome right?….

No spoilers though from me as I’d like you to watch the vid which is in the comments

As I try to do, I got there early, to find out a bit more about the clubs and to do some early filming, which, when complete, I can relax a bit before kick off.

Rich met me on arrival, and was great, giving me access to virtually anything I like, including going on the heavily sanded pitch and match filming on the gantry.

During my downtime before kick off, I chatted to a fair few home fans about their club.

It was clear, their team meant a lot to them and were desperate for promotion to step 4 for 1st time in their history.

Onto kick off then, where I soon found out, it was bloody cold up on the gantry with a very strong wind.

The game itself, was probably quite an awkward one to play in for both teams due to the wind and the pitch, but it was one of those matches where something always seemed to be happening, whether a great bit of skill, excellent goalkeeping,or, proper Non League tackles and a few verbals, which I found to be quite funny.

Special mention must go out to Harefield’s number 9, who was the grandmaster in dishing the verbals out

In no time at all it seemed, the full time whistle went, where, i did my usual thing of seeking out a manager for a post match interview and, to wrap up the filming at the club.

I bumped into Rich as I was planning to leave, but he invited me into the clubhouse for some food and drink…who was I to say no??!!!

In there, between mouthfuls of grub, I had a good chat with the match officials about how difficult the match looked to ref…although, I thought they did well as it was clear both teams were definitely trying to gain any advantage they could…if you know what I mean!

Home time came then, and the hours drive home where I reflected on the day and how wonderfully I was looked after by Flackwell Heath FC.

It is such a lovely club, in a nice setting, and I really hope they go up, where I will love to return up on that gantry….but on a sunnier day.”

Watch the highlights and the David Colemans here

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