Tuktuk Day 107

Well, it’s the last day of the season in League One and Two today. Gillingham have successfully fallen from the play-off spots to mid-table and as usual the August optimism turned into the April reality! No problems, it’s only nine or ten weeks to the pre-season friendlies where we all making ridiculous claims about “Title contenders, Stronger back four, I see goals, new manager will set his mark etc etc. “Such is football.

As I said yesterday what we have seen this week is a huge amount of opposition to the FA’s proposals for its FA Cup Competition. In scenes similar to the Tories ripping themselves apart, everybody is trying to distance themselves from the who said what to whom, when and why. What we do now is that so far not one single EFL club has come out to support the FA. That is a big fat ZERO which is a unique outcome when you normally have 72 clubs with 72 agendas! Going further down the pyramid clubs in Steps ! and downwards have come out against the performance with particularly erudite statements from Dover Athletic, Cray Wanderers and Macclesfield. I am struggling to agree with Savage but in the interests of transparency I must say, he is correct!

“Macclesfield FC wholeheartedly condemns the decision to scrap Emirates FA Cup replays from next season.

The Emirates FA Cup is the most magical competition in the world and in our view, to impose this decision devalues it and disrespects all those teams that enter.

In addition, it is illuminating that this decision was made without anyone other than the FA and Premier League being consulted.

We appeal to the FA and Premier League to retract this decision and hold meaningful discussions with all those impacted, not just those in the top tier.”

Dover Athletic stand with clubs across the football community following the recent FA Cup replay changes. This decision is contributing further to the degradation of the football pyramid caused by multiple poor decisions by the league authorities We urge the FA to reconsider these major changes to this famous competition and to consult widely with clubs below the Premier League before making any further changes.

Perhaps the most interesting story comes out of Championship club, Millwall.

Millwall chief Steve Kavanagh accuses the FA of deflecting blame in FA Cup replays controversy

Millwall chief executive Steve Kavanagh has responded to claims that he and other members of the Professional Game Board signed off a new deal to scrap replays in the FA Cup

Steve Kavanagh

Steve Kavanagh has spoken out on the decision to scrap FA Cup replays 

Steve Kavanagh has hit back at claims that the Professional Game Board approved the scrapping of FA Cup replays and accused the Football Association of trying to deflect blame following a backlash from fans.

Kavanagh, the chief executive of Millwall, is part of the PGB through his role on the EFL board alongside EFL chief executive Rick Parry, Peter Risdale and Jez Moxey. He is also the vice chairman of the FA Cup committee.

Kavanagh has insisted that he and others were given no say in the matter and slammed the FA’s attempts to deflect blame. He told Mirror Football: “The first I knew of this announcement was when people were sat around the table [yesterday].

“The FA statement is very clear: this is an agreement between the FA and the English Premier League. This has nothing to do with the EFL. We’re not party to that agreement and we’ve not been included in that agreement. We’ve not been consulted and in fact, I’ve got no idea what’s in that agreement. This is the FA doing a deal with the Premier League, and that’s their right, however, it does have impacts on the rest of the pyramid.

“The FA have now done that deal without agreeing any compensation for EFL clubs. For a faceless spokesperson to then go out and try to shift the finger of blame when they’re getting flack to the EFL and, more pointedly, naming people such as myself, Rick Parry, Peter Risdale and the clubs as having, in some way, signed this off. That’s a deflection of the highest order and it’s not true of reality.”

Full story here

So, this story is going to run and run. Who is telling the truth, which of the Top 20 clubs are calling for these changes to the competition? Surely, not Spurs ….. who bleat about “too many games” but then shoot over to Japan for 24 hours to play in some meaningless “competition.” (Cough) Surely not Manchester United ….. who bleat about “too many games” but then shoot over to the USA post -season to play in some meaningless “competition” against, for example, Wrexham!

In the meantime, please remember that the purpose of this 90 day challenge is to raise funds for my local club and an equal amount for Prostate Cancer. As always, I HOPE you are all enjoying the tour of the UK and that you will consider a donation to support FC Deportivo Galicia and/or Prostate Cancer UK If everybody chipped in with just £1 I would easily hit my target of £10,000 and life would be easier in West London whilst the charity could continue their great work. A HEARTFELT thanks, if you can.Share


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