Day 70

After the disappointments of the two previous days, I was determined to enjoy today…. and I did!

I woke up, shook my head and joy of joys the man flu had gone. So with an obscenely early start I was at Barnsley Football Club at the crack of dawn. Sadly there was nobody to meet and even more sadly I screwed up on the photos but it was good to get club 45 in the book and off I shot to Huddersfield.

As anybody who knows me will admit, I am a huge BNI fan and it was a double joy today to go to a new region (South Pennines) go to a strong chapter (Rock) with a great AD (Jill Evans) AND find that the meetings are held at the George Hotel. The George Hotel is a hugely important building in the history of British sport. It is where the Rugby League was formed when “the original clubs” broke away from the Northern Union in a bitter dispute over broken time payments. The whole building is a working museum and the walls are covered with photos of the games greats. Framed photos of Fox, Boston, Jim, Mick and Sir Clive Sullivan, Stephenson, Ashton, Murphy, Edwards, Karalius, Farrell inter alia are everywhere. As a rugby league fan since the 70s this is a dream location for me and I spent an hour reminiscing on my days following Bradford Northern. Happy Days!

Yes, the hotel is a real “must visit” for anybody interested in rugby or indeed sport in the UK. It is wonderful to stay in a hotel with “style” rather than a characterless triple-decker on some industrial estate or outer city ring road. The staff all seem local and clearly love working here ….. and it shows! Other hotels take note!

As for the meeting, it was a lunchtime event and held in the famous Harold Wilson Suite. As a lunchtime meeting, it has a special “feel” and I was made very welcome by enthusiastic members covering a great member of professions.

The highlight of the day was an evening meal with Jill and her partner Colin. Colin is a triathlete and just hearing what he has to put himself through in one single day made me feel tired! Time permitting we will meet up again and he can show me how to cycle properly! RESPECT!



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