Day 71

Bjørn is correct

Before I started the tour, Bjørn told me, “Steve, you will have higher highs and lower lows than you will be able to cope with easily.” Boy, was he right?

After three days I would in general prefer to forget, days 70 and 71 have been really great days.

I commented on LinkedIN

RESPECT to all at Rock Huddersfield.

1) A superb meeting

2) They organised a room at one of my very favourite hotels in the world. (The George Hotel, Huddersfield. Part hotel, part Rugby League Museum)

3) Got me a room for an extra night in return for 5 hours canvassing tomorrow for The Vinery Hair Salon, Huddersfield and even got me a very smart new short back and sides in return for some leaflet delivering this afternoon.

4) I am now discussing a project with Rock Member Alan Whyke which will run in to 100s of 1000s of pounds sterling. Alan was a superb introduction from one of the most professional and dynamic ADs I have met in the last three months, Jillian Evans

5) Colin McNeill is a famous triathlete who took the trouble to give me great advice re diet and basic cycling techniques

….and last but definitely not least Georgina Oldfield who is a chartered physiotherapist kindly gave me some linament which will take away some of the pain.

BUT there is more!!

Today is a milestone

Yes, I have now officially completed half of the circuit and Huddersfield became number 46 out of the 92 I have to visit.

I was enthusiastically welcomed to “The Yorkshire Club” by their dynamic David Sykes who warmed to my story and who said something that made me feel very humble. “Steve, thank you for visiting us and making us part of your journey.” Now, the reality is that I HAD to visit The Galpharm Stadium but I was very touched by his comment. Huddersfield are a club who for many years have held their social responsibility very proudly and who have always worked on their role in the community and are most definitely a club who I would want to be associated with. For that reason David’s warm and profuse welcome was even more appreciated. He did not have a shirt available as the new 2010/2011 shirt has yet to be launched but he kindly “borrowed” the only prototype model that the club has and we held it aloft to show the world! yes, you saw it here first. It’s a very attractive Mitre design and I think it will sell well as a fashion item as well as in its more sporting role!

As must be becoming clear, I am also a huge Rugby League fan and in one of thos wonderful moments that life throws up just as I was standing at the reception of the new stadium Eorl Crabtree passed by…….and, yes, I had a camera in my hand! In soccer terms and depending on your age it would be the equivalent of Sir Stanley Matthews, Sir Tom Finney, George Best, Sir Bobby Moore, Gary Lineker, Beckham or Cantona walking towards you. To be honest and without thinking I asked Eorl if I could take a photo. Absolutely NO problem. He was charm personified, was interested to hear about my travels and my rugby league career and updated me on his amazing career with the Huddersfield Giants and England. He was simply put “the perfect gentleman”.

Eorl, you cannot know how much that 10 minutes meant to me and my trip. I wish you every success in your richly-deserved testimonial season ….and if you want a caddy for your golf pro-am please let me know!


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