Day 69

Huge disappointment of a day.

Had GREAT tour of Doncaster Rovers courtesy of Steve in the media department. Thanks for seeing me at short notice. By amazing coincidence we both saw Gillingham versus Doncaster Rovers as our very first ever game!! We were both smitten – love at first sight and we have both suffered for our decisions over many many years! Steve since 1977 and me since 1964. Unlike the Priestfield the new stadium is something Steve can be proud of!

Then disaster struck. Two miles out of Doncaster I went down with flu symptons and the result was I managed only to do 16 miles in 6 hours! Wow, did I feel rough? Anyway, I pushed for most of the last 6 miles and was sooooo lucky that there was a pub almost as I entered Barnsley. I put a thespian performance on that even Gielgud would have been proud of as the only room spare was not made up and he had no cleaner. I sais I cared not and just needed somehwere to crash and fast. Good guy saw the urgency and let me have a bed. The Black Bull, Barnsley take a bow!

Feel hugely better after 3 hour siesta, shower etc but eyes are swimming so will update later. Some nice photos of both Doncaster Stadiums so we can all reminisce fondly about the dump that was Belle Vue!

Sadly, I did not make Huddersfield the half-way point but I look forward to that tomorrow.


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