Day 68

Everybody has one …. move on

Day 68 was not a highlight of the tour. Nice walk through Lincoln Centre and good to visit John, the press officer from Lincoln City and hear of his hopes and fears for the new season but apart from that it was a lot of miles and 3 hours in rain and drizzle. I then arrived at worst accommodation anywhere on trip.

I will wake up tomorrow and Day 69 WILL be a great day. I am sure of that! Thanks for following all of you and I promise I’ll get you some more interesting news later. How can I not?


2 Responses to “Day 68”

  • Janice Westfall:

    You’re will be a GREAT day..the glass is half FULL, Steve! Will you be in Espana Sept/Oct?

  • Sadly went down with 24 hour flu. Took 6 hours to do 16 miles!!! I was mostly pushing as I had no energy to cycle so TOMORROW will be half-way and YES it is a great feeling

    Will be in Spain by end of September to rest up!

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