Day 56

Sorry ….really nothing more to say. I “lost” most of day 56 to an ocular migraine and to the defoliating effects of tarmac. Ladies, all those defoliants you buy in the chemist stores are nowhere near as effective as tarmac I assure you!

Anyway, I look to learn something from every day and I have found today that

1) An ocular migraine that allows you to “see” six screens at once does not mean that you can get six times the amount of work done at once. It means you are lucky if you can get one sixth of the work done that you normally can.

2) The good people at Ecademy are working tirelessly in the background to assist me in this trip. Thanks particularly to all who contributed to this thread started by the ever-supportive Georgina Lester.

If you are not already a member of Ecademy please let me have your details and I will send you a complimentary introductory membership. My little way of thanking those who have supported me.

My whole journey also got a huge “lift” when the owners of recognised my efforts and even placed my banner on their front page. This is very significant as this site brings together all those fans/fanatics/idiots (choose your favourite word!) who are looking to visit all the 92 grounds. Obviously none have cycled the entire route but it is a source of great information for all who are interested in the grounds of England and Wales. They focus on those who see an actual game at each ground but it is a great resource and I am delighted to be linked to it.

The very least I could do was to make them sponsor of the day! Talking about sponsors, I got some vague promise from my main “sponsor” that I would be paid next Monday. Whilst 19th July is good, 19th April would have been more in keeping with your agreement. Anyway, let’s see because if they do pay that will cover the bike and medicaments for this week. Happy Days.


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