Day 57

On the mend

For the first time in a week, I went out of the house and had a walk through the town. Nothing massively football- or refugee- related I am afraid but if felt good to get some fresh air back into the lungs.

I also had emails from Bjørn saying that he was tidying up in South Africa and that he would be home this week. A 12 hour flight after a 12 month journey! What a hero. He reminded me that now the World Cup is over that the plight of the refugees must not be forgotten about and I promised to keep on cycling, keep on spreading the word of the UNHCR and keep on reminding people that there may be one less cyclist on the long road from Norway to South Africa but that there are still 45 million refugees. This is a huge and obscene figure and we remind everybody that this number is set to increase. Please continue to follow me whether you are interested in cycling, football, Ecademy, BNI or social media but remember WHY I am doing what I do. Thanks.


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