Day 55

Things are getting back to normal.

David and I travelled over to Hexham by car to collect my bike from the police station and it looks as if all is well with it. We found a great cycle shop (that Bjorn had used last year!) and he has promised to get the bike back together by next Monday. This means it will be ready before I am!! At the moment it’s in a few pieces but he seemed to think that a bike was like a jigsaw and provided that none of the pieces were broken you could take it to pieces and put it back together as often as you liked.

I also got a really nice email from Nigel Dickinson at Carlisle United wishing me well. (I was on my way from Carlisle’s ground when the accident happened). By chance, he is also a cyclist and by a wicked stroke of fate he was also in a bad crash recently. We are comparing bruises. Get well soon, Nigel!

How I got to Nigel is quite interesting and is a huge endorsement for BNI and a testimony to what BNI really CAN do – I was struggling to get a top level contact at Carlisle United but BNI Edwin, Carlise came up with FIVE contacts from four separate members. 45 minutes later I was at Brunton Park the home of the local club. Their Operations Manager was delighted to get good PR for the club and I was delighted to get great photos. Thanks all at BNI Edwin and Nigel Dickinson at Carlisle United. In particular, I would like to thank Nicky Hill from the RBS who even made a call to Nigel asking for his assistance. Thanks, all.

The bruising is going down, the scars are getting smaller and all the normal colours are coming back to my skin. I will lose one finger nail but that’s an absolute insignifcance. The police said how lucky I had been and apart from using the tarmac as a defoliant on my face and legs there is no real harm done. Sadly, it has put all appointments back one week so there is some juggling to do but it could all have been a lot worse.

Today, we also got a shirt from Walsall throught Graham Parry. The chairman heard how I had been treated and wanted to make amends so sent a signed shirt. Thanks Walsall – you are now erased from my list of shame.

Nigel Dickinson


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