Day 54

Sorry for the standard update. If I owe you a personalised response I will get back to you soonest.

Just to confirm that I was in a serious road accident but that I am now out of danger and have been released from hospital. I was with the doctors again today and will be back with them on Friday
If I owe you or yours emails, photos, updates etc I apologise
If there is anything urgent please communicate with me privately and I will attend to it.

Normal service will be resumed asap but all meetings/appointments etc will have to be rescheduled. I am sorry for any inconvenience. I have been told not to walk never mind cycle for at least 7/10 days and the doctors will want to give me a full M.O.T.

I have no access to the phone as the police have held on to my mobiles As I say, I am out of danger and enjoyed Spain’s World Cup win. ¡A por ellos!

Thanks for your kind wishes for my health and/or birthday! They are much appreciated.


2 Responses to “Day 54”

  • Janice Westfall:

    Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…etc. Very glad to hear you are out of hospital. All the best, looking FWD to hearing from you..Take care of yourself…Janice

  • Sounds terrible Steve! I hope you get back to full fitness soon, and in those times when you may be feeling a bit down, just remember why you are doing this, and think back on what you have already achieved! Well Done!

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