Day 53

Quick Update

still in hospital but on the mend

The ribs are not broken only heavily bruised. Breathing is now OK and don’t need oxygen mask

Face is still a bit of a mess – good job I was always and ugly guy!
That will clean up in time I am sure

Looks like I have cheated death again – thrird time. Guess I must be a cat.

Priest called in 1986,, horrow car crash in 2005 and now this. never minmd “Lucky Jim” I must be lucky stve

Thanks for all your kind wishes. Tyoing is difficult so please accept this rather me writing individually. Will catch up in the days agead

Enjoy Spain against the Netherlands. I hope to


3 Responses to “Day 53”

  • Janice Westfall:

    All the best, Steve. Hey, nothing wrong with being a cat..I love cats! You are on a prayer list at my friend’s church in Providence, Rhode Island. Hang in there

    Go Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!
    Via Espana!

    Watching on Aljazeera, still 0/0 going into overtime. AMAZING Steven! I met a high-up lawyer of Dutch Royalty in sauna two weeks back. We talked of World Cup, and I mentioned you and Bjorn projects. Now, as you said long ago, Spain may achieve Victory!

    Hope the healing is going fast, sounds like it is!, and you are back in the saddle soon to complete your Great Project: Doing the 92.

    Cheers and Thoughts of Victory,


  • no fn way – this is your BIRTHDAY?*

    What Magic of Universal Personality could have dreamed this one up. YOU in hospital after serious accident, in midst of historical personal project, where you lose your belonging of lifetime in fire, but continued in rain and shit weather, to find your country Spain eking ahead by point in nil / nil final to win World Cup Championship, AFTER the game timed out? Peace Out Bro ..! Very honored to have as friend, someone with such courage, resolve, and confidence, and vision. Please get well soon, for all of your many fans, new and old.

    *that’s what Skype is saying 🙂

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