Day 51

I was involved in traffic accident. I am OK and no need to worry but no access to www.

Will update soonest Thanks for all kind greetings

Normal services will be resumed as soon as possible….. as they say!


7 Responses to “Day 51”

  • Sorry to hear your news Steve, give me a call when you can buddy. Let me know if you need anything.

    Best wishes – Aron

  • Steve – I got word from Penny that you were in the hospital from some kind of bike spill. I am glad to hear that it is nothing worse. Be careful. Dan

  • furqaan khan:

    i met u in playing for succes at burnley football club i still hope u remember me the one with the blue jumper arond me neck.How are things going are u ok after the acceident

  • Steve Hall:

    Thanks, Dan for all your messages from West Coast USA. Bjorn and I are being followed from far and near we know.
    Wish Bjorn a safe trip home from South Africa and wish the Spanish Champions a safe trip with the cup intact.

  • Jonathan Haggart:

    Steve, hope you are up and on your bike again soonest. Speedy recovery – trust you are being well looked after!


  • Steve Hall:

    Hi, Jonathan.

    Thanks for kind wishes and good luck to all at Glossop N.E. for the new season. Bjørn will never forget the friendship at The Friendship. For those who do not understand check here.

  • Steve Hall:


    Of course, I remember you and all your friends. What a nice day we had. Yes, it was a bad accident but I had my helmet on and that saved something much worse. Thanks for asking about me. Please tell your class and the teachers that I am thinking about them. Your happy faces keep me going. Hope I will have the chance to come back to you at the end of the journey and tell you more. We will have to talk to the teachers to see whether they say it is a good idea.

    Have fun and do NOT get into an accident


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