Day 22


It is invidious to single out one day or one club but Day 22 was the absolute highlight of the tour. A chance introduction to a friend of Mel Eves quickly led to an invitation to visit the Wolves (and Gillingham) legend at the Molyneux! What an opportunity!

First, I had a great BNI meeting in Moseley where Steve Wall presented a Villa shirt, John Harris from Blackstar Tax Specialists presented a WBA shirt and Nic Beales kindly donated 500 printed business cards to the project. Thanks to all.

I popped in to see Sean at OneCall again where he proudly presented a company T-shirt that I wore immediately as it was very welcome in the chill wind!

I also had a timed appointment at Walsall but their press officer was not there, had left no message nor apology and has not called since. I’ll look forward to enjoying their defeats next season! Anyway, I did a small shoot with their pitch announcer so added Walsall as club 12.

Then it was a fast shoot across the West Midlands to arrive at the Molyneux with 2 minutes to spare. One more hill would have scuppered that!

It was a true delight to meet Mel who was the absolute perfect host. He had arranged the local media to be present and sure enough they were. Soon it was “lights, camera, action” as the Wolverhampton Star interviewed us both. I expected that to be the end of it but NO. Mel was keen to feed and water me so we strolled into the City Centre where we enjoyed first a coffee and then on to a Chinese buffet for what was the best Chinese I have eaten in years. We talked for more than three hours on all things “football” and the excitement of talking to a man who is so interesting and yet humble helped me forget my aches ….and the rain!

Mel was a legend at Wolves and he chatted about the great years there when he was a regular for 9 seasons. Then it was on to Sheffield United before winding down at my beloved Gillingham. Sadly time beat us but before we went our own ways, he ensured that I had a tour of the Molyneux. This was just the perfect end to a perfect day. Needless to say, Wolves will now be one of the clubs I look out for from now on.

Thanks, Mel. As one of the worst weeks of my life came to an end, you helped me get back on track and reminded me that there is always sunshine after the rain.

Wolves are club 13 and my “favourite” so far!


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