Day 21

Nice Jaffa Cakes

Graham Perry (centre) organised a great day

Day 21 cannot be as good as Day 20 …. or can it?

It starts off with a telephone call from a hero of mine from the Priestfield, Mel Eves. Mel was a prolific goalscorer and a soccer legend with his home-town Wolverhampton Wanderers before he went on to Sheffield United and then my beloved Gillingham. He is now a partner of Geoff Hinsley who I met yesterday in a sports management company. He’s keen to meet, has a shirt and will make calls for me to his other contacts in the game. TOP GUY.

Shortly afterwards an email confirms meetings at both Wolves and Walsall. Fantastic.

A few minutes later Graham Perry is on. He has a contact at Birmingham City so although I have already been I’m off there again. TOP GUY

Whilst this is happening my great friend Dave Selwood from Spain is on Skype to organise accommodation in Bognor and to say he has shirts to send from Spain. He runs the best bar on the coast (my words, he is too modest) and has got all his customers to sign a FCTorrevieja Dot Co Dot UK shirt over the past few weeks and now it has to go off to South Africa to join the hundreds of other ones there. TOP GUY

Life is sweetl. All I need now is for Ana Obregón to say she she wants to swap shirts with me BEFORE the game!! Ana is the object of all true hot-blooded Spaniards’ lust and is even my avatar on some soccer forums! As you can imagine my interest in her is purely pedagogic – she was a marine bioligist before she became Spain’s hottest property! Check her on YouTube – fantastic mimic of Posh Spice after Ana’s supposed affair with David Beckham. Hilarious. TOP, TOP GUY.

Yes, it got better! Olivia from Orbit Office Supplies and Graham Perry /Steve Wall (sic) from Thei2igroup got me in with “the right people” at both Birmingham and Villa and sent out a huge number of emails and made numerous calls on my behalf. So off we went to meet Debbie Hayles (nice Jaffa Cakes) and John Healy the community coach who presented a City shirt duly signed. This was arranged by Birmingham’s football in the community officer, Dean Holtham who was himself an ex-pro. Yes, a shirt from City and flags at Villa ……. as well as a tour of the ground. Cool or what? Pitch is looking good and they are hopeful of a BIG season after last season’s success. Especial thanks to the guys in the security office who looked after us.

Later in the day I got a call from Sean at One Call He said he has a shirt for me and he invited me down to his office for a presentation. Thanks, Sean. (Pictured below with West Brom pennant)

I was also interviewed on BBC Radio to end a perfect day. Paul Franks had me as a guest on his “drive-time” and that is a busy spot listened to by hundreds of thousands.


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