Day 23

Today it was Shrewsbury.

A lot of miles for a very lukewarm reception. An early start from an overpriced “hotel” got me to Telford United’s ground. It’s not one of the 92 and despite waiting 15 minutes in an open office, I found nobody to talk to. It’s a VERY impressive new stadium with a full-service hotel built into the main stand and an example for other clubs.

From there it was on to the new Shrewsbury ground. I have to say it is a superb facility. It’s an out of town stadium purpose built with full conferencing facilites, a huge car-park and with an adjacent 6-a-side centre. It is also at the top of several hills. My brief explanation of the project to a bored-looking receptionist got me nowhere. My enquiry as to whether there was somewhere to get a drink, was even less successful. I was advised there was a Starbucks 2 miles down the road! Oh well, after Wolves every ground was going to be something of an anti-climax. Shrewsbury Town most certainly was! (Interestingly they appointed a new manager today, Graham Turner from Hereford. I mused as to whether he got a warmer reception LOL)

Anyway, I realised I needed to put in another 2 or 3 hours to ensure I got to a bank on Saturday morning, so I turned the bike right round and ventured from whence I came! 10 hours cycling for less than 10 minutes at the stadium. NEXT!!!!(which incidentlly was to be Crewe Alexander, then Stoke City and Port Vale.


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