Day 17

Today was a bit of a catch-up day and also a rest day for my aching legs! I started on the insurance claim but for the life of me could not remember every one of the hundreds of books that were in storage.

I also spent time thinking of all the many, many people who have helped me already. Some are very shy and some probably do not realise what their small act of kindness or their assistance to me meant. I will not forget them!

Firstly, a huge thanks to all who sent their commiserations and best wishes after the fire. It is appreciated. Please check me on Twitter and Facebook and you will see that many have been kind enough to drop me a line. Thanks all.

I also thought about BNI. They have been the bedrock of the journey so far. I have already visited 9 chapters and the support and encouragement has been immense from the smallest core groups starting in Kent to big chapters in Chiswick, St Albans and Banstead. My route takes me to 92 grounds and all 34 BNI regions where I have commited to visit at least one chapter in each region. In return the chapter offers me hospitality and sends me in the right direction for the day! Thanks all …… and ESPECIALLY to John Coupland in Bromley, Kent who has been my absolute saviour. He is a great ambassador for BNI and a true friend of the Shirt project.


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