Day 18

I guess today could almost be seen as the beginning of the real cycling part of the journey.

As I packed this afternoon, I mused that the hard miles start here. I have to get from Birmingham to Manchester this week and as well as there being a pile of clubs to visit, there are also a lot of miles to cover. Unlike the first few weeks, I have few contacts in the area and so I am hoping that BNI continue to do me proud! I have no real base from hereonin and I guess this is where the “real” adventure starts.

Apart from visiting all the 92 grounds and 34 BNI regions, I must also visit all 136 Regus Offices in the UK and they will be my only base for the next 15 weeks. I take a Regus shirt from office to office. The staff sign it as I explain the project and then I have the opportunity to hot-desk, chill and have a coffee. I have been to a dozen so far and I have been treated extremely well at all the centres. Special mention though to Milton Keynes (Midsummer Boulevard) and Holborn Gate, London where this charming young lady welcomes you.


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