Day 16

Today was always going to be difficult after the news I received last night. It was a night of little sleep and much thinking. I woke up very unsure what to do but one thing I was determined was not to let my host for the day down. Jim Peacock is the local franchisee for TheBestOfDotCoDotUK and he had a busy schedule. I could not disappoint him.

I have to admit that I’m feeling a bit lost for inspiration as regards writing so I am delighted he wrote this great overview for his site. Thanks, Jim. It was a GREAT day and my faith in mankind was reborn.

Luton delivers for World Record ‘TheShirt’ Attempt

A couple of weeks back thebestof Head Office suggested I might like to help out one Steve Hall, who was ungoing an amazing world record attempt for refugee awareness…

Steve is cycling around the 92 league football grounds, plus a few others including Luton Town, collecting shirts in order to stitch them together to create a record breaking giant shirt for display at the World Cup. He needs a few things from charitable local people everywhere he goes to make this possible, I decided this was the very least I could do, so I made a few calls and before you know it, we had a great day planned for Friday 4th June.

Shockingly, the night before I spoke with Steve who had just received horrendous news – before he left his current home in Spain he moved ALL his possessions into storage – the storage facility burnt to the ground – he has lost almost EVERYTHING he owns. Incredibly, Steve decided to carry on and head on to Luton.

I met Steve Friday afternoon, we headed straight to join DJ C-Tip at Diverse FM, who gave us a couple of shirts and interviewed us on Drive Time. All the staff at Diverse FM are brilliant and it’s great to meet them (I’ll be on Diverse again in three weeks time to talk about thebestofluton).

Next stop was with David Hoskins, Commercial Manager at Luton Town FC who gave us a shirt signed by the team. David was fantastic, giving us access to the ground for a photo shoot (thanks to Yvonne Barton Photography for your help).

From there we headed to the two Regus offices, Steve is visiting every Regus building in the UK on this tour, getting one shirt signed at all of them. Finally we had a breather and stopped at the Icon Hotel, who put Steve up for the weekend FOC.

Walking down Wellington Street we dropped in on Mani who has moved Klassic Clothing from the Luton Market to a great new shop there, he gave us a shirt too (picture above).

Steve is no stranger to Luton, so we went for his favourite curry at the Alankar, the owner Dilip was a great host as ever, we also met Bina and Bronwen from Plain Talking HR and Gina from Contact Consultants – all donating some great shirts.

Steve is really pleased with the people he’s met and the support he’s received here – but it’s not over. PLEASE donate your shirts – call me and I’ll collect them, then you can see your shirt on the pitch at the World Cup in just a few days time.


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