Day 127

That’s it …… it’s all over

The Photo I have been waiting for

YES! Leyton Orient and Dagenham became clubs 90 and 91 before West Ham United became club 92. After three days of a glorious Indian Summer the heavens absolutely opened and I was soaked to the skin before I got to Orient, a drenched rat by the time I got to Dagenham and as I saw the Upton Park ground I was only vaguely aware that the rain was eventually easing off a little! I think I was enured to it.

I had been in touch with the West Ham PR and Media department during the week and to meet videographer, photographer and be interviewed pitchside was a superb end to the tour. A very professional conclusion and it was great to finish with the club that gave us Sir Geoff Hurst, Sir Bobby Moore and Sir Trevor Brooking. I would also like to thank Leo at Leyton Orient for laying out the red carpet too and making me welcome there too. He knew of Bjørn and his spell at Brisbane Road but I am not sure that Bjørn would recognise the ground. In fact, I think Orient get the vote for the most improved ground. I’ll think on that but I am fairly sure that certainly in the lower divisions only Wycombe could give Orient a run for their money as far as refurbishment goes. Impressive! That said, it’s people who have made the tour and Leo’s welcome was as effusive and genuine as any I have found anywhere.

Proving the point that there is no rest for the wicked, I had to rush from Upton Park to the monthly Ecademy meeting where I gave a short presentation with Penny Power herself. Ecademy have been great supporters of the journey and it felt right (and good) that I should do this presentation immediately after the end of the cycle tour.

Yes, there are so so many people to thank and I can see a busy week ahead just thanking all those that have supported me. THANKS to all who are reading this too.


4 Responses to “Day 127”

  • Brilliant effort Steve, well done, such a humongous achievement, you should be rightly proud of yourself!

  • No, I’m not comfortable with the the word “proud” as pride is a sin ……but I AM proud of those people like you who have supported me so well. LOL

    The next project is on the drawing board and I hope you will be following me “there”too!

  • WELL DONE! I am so proud of my friend, Sir Steven Hall. You pulled it off! A heroic example of determination and resolve!

    Starting with no flights to England! Then first day, no bike! Then, losing valued belongings in fire. Then rain and cold and silly people. Surviving horrendous accident. All to better the plight of the refugees and for the Sport of Football (soccer). Selfless service.

    All I can say is, “what have you done to make me feel proud?”

    Have missed seeing you on Skype and chatting with you. Hopefully soon! Good things to come, Hallelujah!

    Cheers and Jai Ho!

  • Thanks, Dan. Your support through the journey was much appreciated. Just wait until you hear what the next project is!

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